I Recommend . . .

Halloween books are so fun, especially if read aloud. Okay, so my favorites aren’t even a bit scary, but then you know how I feel about anything frightening. This book is just so much fun in a Halloween kinda way.


In this poetry book Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich by Adam Rex it turns out that Frankenstein is a “make it do” kind of guy. When he goes to his cupboard to make lunch he discovers he’s all out of food. So Frank heads down the street to borrow a little something from the neighbors. When they see him coming, well let’s just say, they aren’t feeling too friendly. They grab their torches and start throwing rotten food at him. At first he thinks his neighbors are being so rude, but then he sees, at his feet, they’ve made a mound of food.

With arms loaded, Frankenstein heads home happy with his loot and sits down to a big, disgusting lunch. This book makes me laugh as much as the kids and sometimes more. (Maybe I’m just easily entertained.)

This collection of raucous poems, exposing the private lives of various monsters, including Wolfman, Frankenstein, Bigfoot and Godzilla, reveals shocking truths and horrifying secrets involving hygiene, household and food issues.

I especially love the poem about the Phantom of the Opera who can’t get “It’s a Small World” out of his head. Or the one about Dracula, who has spinach in his teeth and everyone’s afraid to tell him. Your children and grandchildren will without a doubt love this book.

It is a quirky, delightful read-aloud and the illustrations are almost better than the poems. It is also available in a Books on Tape version and is well presented, but then you miss out on the awesome artwork.

Check your library for availability or you can buy it on eBay for about $6.00. This is a must-have!


3 responses to this post.

  1. This looks too cute, I’m going to have to hunt this one down! Thanks!


  2. I love books. I am going to get it. Thanks


  3. I have it on hold at the library right this second.


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