WARNING ~ Pet Killer Alert

Living in Olympia, Washington is wonderful in so many ways.
Bright clean air, sea level, ocean inlets, beautiful natural growth,
good and kind folks, a diversified lifestyle, tolerance and love abounds.
And much, much more . . . but I digress.


There is a glaring drawback . . . a huge one . . . not to be ignored.

! ! ! FLEAS ! ! !

Those of you who live in higher altitudes can stop reading now
as this problem does not occur very frequently in high elevations.
The fleas cannot live in rarified air.

But, down here at sea level, it is horrible. So when my sweet Jasmine
went out and in through my backyard screen door this Spring, happily
playing in the sunshine, she did encounter fleas and brought them into
the house. Quickly I took care of that with a good flea bomb to the
apartment and to protect Jasmine from bites and discomfort I
bought her these flea drops:


Without going in to all the gory details of Jasmine’s long suffering
after being administered these drops, (on her skin at the back of her neck)
including seizures, vomiting, disorientation, lack of desire for food,
bowel function loss and other hideous occurances, I quickly took her
to the vet who told me that her kidneys were failing and unfortunately
it was irreversible.

I came home in shock, realizing that because of a decision I had
innocently made to buy this product, I had effectively sentenced
Jasmine, my beloved companion, to death. And a long, slow agonizing
death at that.

Searches on the internet provided me with gory details of
other dogs and cats who have suffered and died from flea products
manufactured by SENTRY which is owned by HARTZ and
SERGEANT’S PET CARE. The FDA does not regulate products for
animals, so it’s a crap shoot at best. Yes, there is/was a Class
Action Suit against the company, but I didn’t get involved because
it would not bring Jasmine back to me. I am writing this blog instead.

Here are some links to read more about this disgrace, if you have the
emotional fortitude to read about animal suffering. Best to be educated
though so that this does not happen to your sweet pets. It’s the least
I can do to honor my sweetheart Jasmine.


To view the pertinent articles, CLICK these links below:

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Fleas Aren’t Funny, But Neither is Poison

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Consumer’s Complaints

Hartz Picked the Wrong Fight This Time

Class Action Suit Filed Against Hartz

EPA to Boost Analysis of Flea and Tick Products

EPA Continues To Evaluate Flea Products

My Dog Just Died From Sentry XFC Flea Medicine

Sergeant’s Flea Treatments Should Be Boycotted – From HartzVictims.org




One response to this post.

  1. Who knew?! At least you are getting the word out. Where there is minimal regulation, word-of-mouth is the best way to hit them in the wallet and incentivize them to produce more efficient products. Go Auntie!


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