What I Am . . .


Winterizing my home & backyard.
Walking leisurely around Costco.
Talking on the phone.
Hanging out with B & K.
Reading, reading, reading.

. . . WATCHING ON TV . . .
House Hunters International
Real Housewives of Atlanta
The Amazing Race
Project Runway
Hell’s Kitchen
Mad Men
The Office

. . . VIEWING . . .
All the playful squirrels in my backyard.
The leaves turning colors.
The kids in my neighborhood skateboarding.
Sights and sounds on my walks.
Your BlOgS ~ Their bLoGs ~ All BLogS

. . . SMELLING . . .
The Autumn air, smoky and crisp.
My favorite cologne, “Island Gardenia” by Jovan.
Bill still BBQing on his patio.
My upstairs neighbor’s dryer sheets.

Holding my newest grandson, Lee, in Logan.
Driving up to Port Orchard and Forks, WA this Fall.
Having all my carpets cleaned.
Holiday selling season on eBay.
Big reductions in inventory.

. . . YEARNING FOR . . .
The wars in Iraq & Afghanistan to be over.
Our troops coming home soon.
Updates done to my computer.
Seeing my family in Logan before the snow flies.

. . . AFRAID OF . . .
Falling and/or slipping on ice.
My rent being raised too high.
The car breaking down on the freeway.
This Winter’s electric heat bill.

. . . THRILLED ABOUT . . .
My storage shed being emptied more & more.
Seeing Andy’s new apartment in Surrey.
My brand new mattress and boxspring.
Watching Austin’s baseball game in Canada.
“The Pioneer Woman Cooks” cookbook released this month.


One response to this post.

  1. Lauralee, I absolutely loved this blog. So honest and heartfelt and interesting.


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