Brace For Flu Season


Public health officials are scrambling to prepare the nation for what promises to be a challenging double whammy of a flu season. As you are likely aware, there are two types of flu: H1N1 (or Swine Flu) and the usual Seasonal Influenza. Each bug is in circulation right now and requires its own vaccine.

The H1N1 symptoms are the same as Seasonal Flu with fever, lethargy, coughing, sniffles. The difference comes into play with the Swine Flu because its target is teenagers and young adults and it has never quit spreading germs, even during the past summer months at schools, summer camps and hangouts. The germs are lying in wait for the right environment to come alive and spring into action.


H1N1 is highly contagious and the predictions are that as many as half of all Americans may contract the Swine Flu bug this Fall and/or Winter. Up to 90,000 people, mostly young adults, children and people with underlying conditions — could die!

Yes, it’s that serious!

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines call for more than 80 percent of the population to get a Seasonal Flu shot. For the first time this year, the CDC recommends every child six months to 18 years receive a flu shot. As soon as the shots are available, it’s a good time to get right on it to protect you and your family early.

However, with the H1N1 shot, it’s a different story. The Swine Flu shot should go first to:
* Pregnant women.
* Those caring for or living with babies six months or younger who can’t be immunized directly, but need the protection.
* Health care and emergency services workers.
* Everyone between the ages of six months and 24 years.
* People ages 25 to 64 who have an underlying condition like heart disease, asthma or diabetes.

Surprisingly older people are the last target for this type of flu as they seem to be lucky enough to have some immunity to it.

“It could be no different from a typical seasonal flu year, or it could be horrendous,” says Craig Roberts, an epidemiology who coordinates infectious disease investigation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Health Services.

It is possible that 60 million to 120 million Americans could have Swine Flu symptoms right now, just waiting to erupt. Hospital Emergency Rooms will be crowded with people spreading the germs around to others who are also waiting for care.

There are all kinds of sites on the internet that will give you more information on prevention, cautions and treatments, etc. Please, take the most important step now by getting immunized as soon as possible. Then you can deal intelligently and effectively with whatever comes next. Arm yourself first!

Why take the risk for yourself or those you love?
(I’m going to Costco this morning to get my shot.)
Don’t delay! ~ Do it today!


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  1. Our elementary school is giving H1N1 vaccinations free and soon.


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