Game On!


Emilie Gamelin Pavilion
South Sound Surgical Center
Providence St. Peter Hospital
Olympia, Washington

Tomorrow morning at 10:45am I will enter the hospital to prepare for my scheduled parotidectomy surgery which will begin at “High Noon.” (I wonder if there is any significance to that time?)

I am ready as I will ever be. I know it’s vitally important that my goose egg lump be removed so I will grit my teeth and bear up well. I realize that I am not having my arms and legs removed, just a mass taken out of my neck, however everything looms large when it’s happening to you.

My amazing friends, Kathy and Bill, will be with me the whole day, then bring me home from the hospital at night. One or the other will stay with me until Wednesday night and then they are “off shift” and up to Monroe help their family! My Navy son, Bob, will fly in from Port Hueneme, California to cover Thursday, Friday and Saturday and go home first thing Sunday morning. Several friends have volunteered to bring in meals to supplement what Kathy has already prepared. How lucky for me! I know I am one fortunate girl to have such wonderful support.

I’ll be back in touch once I am on the other side of my surgery.


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  1. Good luck, Lauralee….sounds like you have a big support system.


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