Day One

I have always admired my friend Cindy! There are a raft of reasons, but one especially stands out today. She is an “everyday walker” and has been at it as long as I’ve known her. Faithfully, during every season, she is out doing her thing, sometimes alone, sometimes with her friend, but always walking. She’ll live forever if she keeps that up!

Then there is another friend, a senior, Bill C. from church, who has been walking a long time and has literally turned his health around. He is off most of his medications and feeling great because of it. He is a great example for me. He’ll enjoy his quality of life a whole longer because of his commitment.

No use envying everyone else when I could be doing the same thing and applaud my own good work. It requires only desire and dedication. I’ve been known to say “I’m not an athlete, I’m an administrator!” That kind of stupid statement can only land me in the hospital with all kinds of ailments.

I need to smarten up . . . pronto!


Today was the first official day of my “serious” Mall Walking. I went a couple of times before the holidays, just to get a feel for it, but now I am in earnest. Kathy and I did our thing this morning at 7:30am. (She did a whole lot better than me, as I was pretty hot by the time we were done.)

Once around the inside of the mall, going in and out of all the alcoves, equals one mile. I know it’s not how fast I go, it’s how long I go, so I feel like I got a good start.

Now comes the real test.
Will there be a Day Two?


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