Free At Last


Yesterday Bill (mostly), Kathy and I got our cars out of our complex parking lot and put them behind the building in the Bowling Alley parking spaces. Ours was an inpassable compound, but we did it with guts, determination and roaring engines. (And then headed to Costco – our favorite place!)


Here’s the Bowling Alley!

We have a back privacy fence with a locked gate that allows us to walk right out by the bowling alley and over to a strip mall complex. I know it sounds like a less than desirable neighborhood, but it is actually great. We can walk everywhere from our back gate – the Post Office, grocery store, bank, dollar store, movie rentals, restaurants, bus stop, etc. Really ideal.


This morning we looked out to the sound of a bulldozer clearing our apartment parking lot. It was perfect that we got the cars out yesterday so that our whole side was scraped clear. Bill (in the red shirt) was out there spreading cheer and talking it up with the worker fellows. I was busy taking pictures! Obviously this is a ‘slow news’ day.

A Great Job Done!


Now we are all set for a while . . .
and fingers crossed the flooding doesn’t start!


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