Yes, our terrible snowstorm and icy weather continues in the Pacific Northwest. A new wave of snow is raging through. So many lives have been disrupted or severely changed due to deaths and near fatal accidents. With over the road transportation at a standstill, trucks cannot get in or out to continue bringing supplies to our area. A true state of emergency! This is the worst storm on record, topping an old record set in 1990.


This will give you an idea of some of the overall effects in our area:
* All Greyhound Buses have been halted until further notice. Passengers were put off the bus, most stranded without money or means to do anything. They have even been turned away from shelters because of the “no children” rule.
*City buses have been pulled off the roads because of danger. Buses have just unloaded passengers where they stopped. Good luck, you’re on your own!
*AmTrak Trains have not run for more than a week, from Eugene OR to Vancouver BC. No Service. My grandson got the last AmTrak Bus (12/18) out before it was closed down.
*Downed airplanes left passengers living in the airport for days. They also ran out of de-icer! The few that did get out were really lucky! A mountain of unclaimed or lost luggage abounds.


*Motorists have been stranded in ditches or on the side of the road with no gas or help coming. People are walking in the middle of the freeway trying to get to safety.
*Many gas stations are totally out of gas. Signs say: “No Gas – No Service”
*Roads are closed everywhere, especially those with some kind of an incline. Roped off with yellow police tape shutting them down. Fines are being imposed for trespassing.


*There has been no garbage pick-up for over a week. Cans are overflowing and people are running over spilled garbage bags in the streets.
*People were cross country skiing and snowshoeing down my street.
*Mail delivery is sporatic. I went three days without any mail coming in. Bill and Kathy braved the storm one day and took my little eBay items out to the Post Office. They might be still sitting at the PO. Glad I got my big Christmas packages out before all this started. Thank you UPS.
*Homeless people are cold and cannot find adequate food or shelter. The usual shelters are overflowing with people. The Food Bank is closed.
*Grocery store shelves are emptying fast. Some are just closed down because their employees cannot get into work.
*Retail stores, such as Penney’s and Macy’s in the Mall, and other businesses have locked their doors until this all subsides. They have sure had a lousy selling season.


*Electrical power is out in many areas. (Not mine.) Electrical and snow crews are total heroes. They are working hard, in such extreme and dangerous situations, all to render help. Thank goodness the winds are not bad.
*One road has been blocked with snow and rock slides cutting off whole communities from services.


*Little winter birds are having a hard time finding food beneath the snow. We have all been encouraged to put out bread, seeds and fat for the sweet ones to survive.
*Tree limbs and roof collapses have caused terrible damage. One ice rink roof collapsed with 10 children skating beneath. Luckily no one was seriously hurt.
*Courts and other government agencies have been closed for a week.
*And on and on it goes . . .

I have been holed up inside for days, but I am snuggy warm and have all necessary provisions to keep me safe and sound. I am so grateful and I can’t help feeling awful for the many who are not as fortunate. Bless them all.


This Christmas Eve is either frightful or delightful!


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  1. great recap – it will act as a wee time capsule from the storm


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