Snowy Update

It snowed the night through. I was up several times, curious to see how the storm was progressing. Winds did not reach the gusts predicted, so that’s more happy news. No power outages, I am also thrilled to report.

We got 6.5″ of snow during the night, but the snow has continued falling steadily and now this afternoon we are up to 10″ at 2:30pm.

These pictures were taken from INSIDE my office window. I’m not going out in this mess just to take a picture! Call me a sissy if you must.


Looking across the street toward the neighbors.


Yep, that’s my car under that mound.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I’m so glad I’m not there right now, although it is beautiful!


  2. Stay inside and read a great book…so, what are you reading right now?


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