Winter Scream

So, I know that most of you will think this snowstorm is for wimps! Trust me it is major terrible for Olympia WA. To give you an idea: We did not have mail delivery for two days, Penney’s & Macy’s were closed in the mall, cars and trucks are stranded everywhere – mostly on the freeways, church & our Christmas Open House have been cancelled for tomorrow, all schools were cancelled for four days, and on and on. Today, my neighbor upstairs, was getting ready to head, by AmTrak, to her family in Eastern Washington for the holidays, when the train called to say they have shut down services because they can’t get through.

There is not enough readiness, manpower or equipment to handle a mess like this in our parts. Just not the usual Winter for the Pacific Northwest, so everyone is freaking out.


Looking toward our apartment parking lot.


That’s my office window looking out at the sagging Rhodie bushes.


Our apartment front courtyard.


My poor old neglected car.

Another snowstorm is starting up now. The weather service is predicting 10″ to fall in Olympia overnight. Snow advisory warnings are everywhere. They are expecting wind gusts up to 90mph with the new storm heading our way from Alaska. We have all been advised to make sure we are ready, especially in case the power fails again.

I am all set with ample firewood for my fireplace, propane tanks are full, lanterns and fuel oil, flashlights, and my warm and snuggly cat, Jasmine, to see me through. Hope it doesn’t come to all that, but I am prepared if it does.

Why didn’t I move to Saint George when I had the chance?


One response to this post.

  1. Yes, you should have moved to St. George. Then we’d get together over lunch and talk about college life. However, even this year, it’s cold here – we certainly don’t have the snow you are having, though. Hunker down and stay warm.


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