My New Friends

Bill (of Bill & Kathy fame) is my Home Teacher. He just got a new companion, Darin, who I am so crazy over. We clicked! Darin and his wife Violet and their four children are from Canada. He from Hudson’s Hope BC and she is from Nanaimo BC. Darin is a pharmacist for Fred Meyer and they live not far from me in West Olympia.

Last Saturday Darin and his family came over for a couple of hours in the afternoon and helped me winterize my little back courtyard. Everyone pitched in and we got the whole job done in 45 minutes! After the work was done, I had an activity planned, making Teddy Bear cookies with the children.


The children are: Jenna (11), Jacob (9), Tyler (6) and Evan (3). They are the most darling kids and I/we had an absolute ball together. It reminded me of fun times with my own boys when they were that age. Here are the cookies before they were baked. (Somehow we missed a picture of TyTy’s cookies.)


Jenna made Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Jacob and Evan’s Teddy Bears on the Spatula

We became fast friends and I hope they will be in my life for a long time. It will be great to watch the children grow up, as my own grandchildren are so far away. I also look forward to meeting their Grandma who will be coming home from her mission, in Mississippi, at the end of January.

As a surprise, Violet brought me a big yummy plate of ‘real’ Nanaimo Bars which added hugely to my excitement. It was an all around Super Saturday!



4 responses to this post.

  1. looks like so much fun!!Those lucky kids.


  2. Cute idea, and so fun! Glad your having a great time, and hope all of your holiday prep is going smoothly!


  3. Cute idea, and so fun! Glad your having a great time, and hope all of your holiday prep is going smoothly!


  4. Lauralee, I hadn’t seen your blog for awhile as we were gone on a long trip, so it was fun to catch up on the news. I’m sorry about your business on EBay. Did you see that EBay is going to build a big new computer center in Salt Lake City?!?! Anyway, those kids are lucky to have you in their lives….that was a fun thing you did with them.

    Merry, merry Christmas. Loni (roomie from lucky 13)


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