‘Tis the Season


Yesterday afternoon, “The Three Musketeers” (Bill, Kathy and Lauralee) were out driving around, doing errands, talking about everything and having fun. We eventually ended up at Costco, but first Bill wanted to drive out for me to see Panorama City, where Kathy works. I had never been there before, so we went for a look around.

Happily driving, in the left lane up Sleater-Kinney Road, a lady and her truck decided to change lanes, without looking first. She had just pulled out of the gas station and made a snap decision to get over into the middle lane – except we were already there!

She was driving one of those high-heeled trucks, you know the ones with the great big tires that lift you on top of the world to look down on all the other cars. Well, without looking below, she moved to the left and smacked right into us. Seems she had just come from selling her Christmas wreaths and was mentally counting the money she had made on the sale and didn’t watch carefully enough where she was going. (It could happen to any of us.)

Kathy was in the passenger side front seat and I was in the back. You can see from the smash-o-rama who got it the worst. Poor Kathy got a real jolt and gave her shoulder and neck a good whack. I was fine, just stunned, as all of a sudden there was another vehicle right up close and comfy beside us.

Once again, DependaBILL (as Andy calls him) was out of the car “taking care of business.” He talked to the woman in the truck, telephoned the police, relayed all the details, and then called Enterprise Rent-A-Car to let them in on the news.

Oh and did I mention why Bill and Kathy had this rental car? Just two weeks ago, their beautiful new red PRIUS got crunched in a wreck while Kathy was driving on the freeway to work. It is now in the shop being fixed to the tune of $17K. In each case the other driver was cited and luckily each had full coverage insurance.

‘Tis the season to be extra careful while driving.
Fa La La La La !!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Ack! Glad everyone is ok!


  2. I’m so glad you didn’t get hurt!!


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