My TV Christmas


Aaaahhh . . . it’s that time of year where all the holiday movies on TV reel me in. I love the Christmas shows best on both The Hallmark Channel “Home For the Holidays” and also on Lifetime “Fa La La La.”

This year there seems to be a plethora of great choices and I came to find out that there are over 200 different offerings on several other channels as well, like ABC Family, TNT, TV Land’s MerryLand, Nick Jr.’s Frosty Fridays, Nickelodeon Holidays, and don’t even get started on the Cartoon Channel. In the end though, I always seem to gravitate back to my two favorites, Hallmark and Lifetime.

With my holiday friend, my DVR, I check out all the titles and synopses to find just the perfect “my kind” of movies to record. Moving ahead two weeks in advance, I set them all and choose the showings that come on in the middle of the night. That way I can watch them later without disturbing my regular shows. (No! I am not a TV addict, it just seems that way!)

Then, just like magic, I have a stockpile of cute Christmas shows to watch for FREE – my favorite price! The best part is, if I start watching a movie and “hate it,” I can delete it without a cringe in my wallet.

Why nobody has yet launched a “Christmas Channel” is beyond me. (Yes! Please steal my idea!) The hunger for good family holiday programs or for yuletide-crazed people, all savoring the season, seems boundless and growing. An escape from holiday stressors, a remembrance of good times, a breaking away from all the hubbub, nevermind a great distraction for the children as you are trying to get all the preparations done, seems only sensible to me.

I also use the taped movies as an earned “reward” for my good work done during the day, otherwise I could be caught up in a Christmas movie-viewing marathon. (Yes! It has happened before!)



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  1. I like your “all Christmas channel” idea, and I am surprised no one has jumped on this yet. I’m with you, I love all of the fun Christmas shows. Sadly, I have no DVR to help me so I am relegated to renting or waiting for it to come on tv. Oh well, it’s still lots of fun! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend, it sounded like you were going to be spending every minute with fun, food and friends. Love it!


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