Vancouver Canucks Fan Zone

Here is one proud Mom saluting her #2 son, Dave,
for his lust for life and great podcasting.


“Canucks Outsider host, Dave Thorvald Olson, is a long-time hockey aficionado, published writer and documentary maker. He adds creative insight and literary depth to his deep Canucks roots and vast memorabilia collection.”

“Dave’s often joined by the wise Dan Funboy who brings thoughtful, pragmatic analysis and keeps Dave in check, along with an assortment of other outspoken guests and hardcore pundits.”


Here’s Dave on a banner at one of the stops at a SkyTrain station.
Apparently he is on banners all up and down the line.
This one spotted at the Chinatown Substation.

That’s My Boy!

Dave is advancing his blogging and podcasts to such an extent that he has been nominated in the BEST PODCAST category for the Canadian Blogging Awards. You can also vote for Dave . . .

~ HERE ~

Look for the radio button for:
Choogle On With Uncle Weed.


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