White Christmas


Recently I sold this 78rpm record to a lady in Ohio. I wrapped it exactly as I’ve done for all the other buyers who bought these old time records. This is the first breakage. She wrote me such a fun e-mail, that I thought you would all enjoy reading it.

“Thank you for the excellent packaging and quick ship.
Took me five minutes to open it :) and then unfortunately
the record was broken :(. I should have bought the
insurance (darn USPS). The packaging had no dents
or bends, so it’s almost like someone deliberately broke
it (creeps!). Oh well, it’s going on the wall so I guess
I wouldn’t be playing it anyway. Thanks, Katherine”

Then I wrote Katherine back expressing my sadness that her record had not arrived in safe condition. She returned my e-mail with more information.

“Hi Lauralee, thanks for your concern, I know your packaging
was absolutely perfect. I sell on eBay as well and shipped
the exact same glass pieces to 10 different people and
only one of them arrived totally broken. ”

“Anyway, the damage is about 4 inches half round off the edge,
so it looks like they may have set something on it. I will be able
to glue it I think with little tell tale sign of breakage.”

“I have to tell you why I really wanted this. I was born on
December 22nd and my middle name is Belle for Christmas.
My mother loved the White Christmas movie and I &
my two sisters would act out and sing the whole movie.
I carried this out with my kids who are on their own now.
I watch it at least once a month and don’t even ask
how many times in December. (My hub hates it now!) ”

“Funny how the littlest thing reminds me of one of the
songs & I start singing it. If my mom, sisters, or kids
are around they join in. People probably think we’re nuts,
but it’s a nice thing to bring the family together.
Thanks again!
Katherine Belle”

Good memories, sights, sounds and smells, plus activities that trigger fond thoughts and actions is the stuff that a wonderful life is built on. May we all have buckets full of reminders to bring a smile to our faces and a warmth to our hearts. Family life at it’s best – that’s the way I see it.


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