New Venues to Explore

With eBay sales flagging, I am always looking for other ways to reduce my inventory. The greatest news is that I have reduced my junk treasures down to ONE much smaller storage shed, from the 40′ x 15′ x 10′ that I used to have. That biggie is completely empty and I’m into a much smaller, indoor, heated unit in Elma WA.


Here’s my former 40′ unit, now empty!

I have been selling on eBay since 1998 and thought that I had a good thing going. Over the years eBay (and our economy) have been changing . . . for their better or for my worst? One problem is that huge warehouse companies are now selling more and more on eBay and those little Mom and Pop home sales are being pushed out by the big guns. Wow, that sounds a whole lot like the WalMart story . . . but I digress.

Of course there is CraigsList which is simple, straight forward and, best of all, local to each area. I have sold many items right from my storage shed, things that are too big or bulky to ship. I most recently sold these pieces:




In an attempt to broaden my horizions, or at least have more chance for my inventory to dwindle, I have finally signed up with Etsy to sell some of my homecrafted &/or vintage paper products.


And also Bonanzle which is a Washington based selling site, receiving good reviews and some significant traffic from buyers and sellers.


I have sold many books on and, but they don’t seem to pack the fun punch. Hard to tell exactly why.

There are other upstarts, like,,,, and, and although I am registered with them all, I have never had a sale come from any of them.

And so my quest continues . . . at least I’m not sitting still, wondering what hit me. I am out exploring new sites and sounds in the online selling biz.

Let me know of any new selling sites I might have missed?


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  1. what’s ur etsy username.. i’m dying to see the vintage paper! glad to see that you’re blogging agian. Congrats to James and Cena!


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