This Week Had Four Days

Andy arrived home in the middle of the night last Monday. We have not stopped since! We have been crashing and banging around the house with Andy fixing everything that had broken or needed replaced since he last left. While he was away at sea, I kept a list of fix-its that needed attention, and Andy is crossing more items off everyday. The best part about it all is that he is willing to tackle anything, has super ideas, and gets the job done ‘right’ the first time. He knows how to fix everything, which all women know is the greatest asset a man can possess.

We are also currently in the middle of changing the whole theme and decor in my living room. Andy bought me a simply beautiful new ‘cinnamon’ colored sectional couch, which I love beyond words. It was delivered on Wednesday. It really suits my living room bringing out the colors in the rock fireplace and the carpet. We brought the etagere back from the storage shed plus found all kinds of pictures and other accessories which might fit right in to this new fresh scheme. We bought two new floor lamps and two table lamps as well. And, although it may sound odd, we are incorporating blue and Asian accents into the mix. Trust me, it will be truly lovely. (Pictures will be posted once the tweaking is complete.)

Of course Andy has been cooking! He made up the breakfast Muesli that he makes/eats every day on the ship. It is full of cashews, pistachio nuts, raisins, oats, honey, oranges and cream and other yummy bites. He made such a huge amount that we have been eating it all week with no end in sight. Pure health in a bowl. Now that the nicer weather has finally arrived we will be grilling more and, no doubt, the specialty salads will be created in abundance.

In between times we have been out and about shopping, watching movies, talking non-stop, working and playing on our computers and more. Needless to say there have been a whole lot of very late nights. There is still a lot to accomplish before his visit comes to an end the first part of August, but we are sure enjoying every day we have together.

Only one week left before Andy sails to Alaska, on his trip with his Dad, Myrna and Dan, so we are trying to make the time count. Although, thinking about it now, it will give me just enough time to create another bunch of things for Andy to help me with once he returns to Olympia.

Let’s see, where is that list . . .


2 responses to this post.

  1. Can’t wait to see your after pictures when the living room is finished! Sounds great.


  2. Posted by Cindy Burbidge on Monday, June 30, 2008 at 8:00 pm

    Hey Lauralee!!! How fun to have Andy home. Sounds like you are enjoying every single second!! I want to try some of that Muesli and I also can’t wait to see the finished product of the new and improved living room. What fun, a new couch!!!!!


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