Andy’s Home, For Now Anyway!

Andy is home (for only a short time) from his latest
contract with Norwegian Cruise Lines, Pride of America.
(For each contract he works 20 weeks on and 5 weeks off.)

During this time off, he will be travelling to Las Vegas to
check out a job at Caesar’s Palace, to Florida to hang
out with friends, and other smaller trips to visit his brothers
and buddies in Canada, Oregon and California.

He will also be going on a cruise to Alaska twice! First with his
Dad, Step-Mom Myrna and Dan, his brother, on the Norwegian Sun,
at the beginning of July, and then with just me on the
Norwegian Pearl the third week of July.

Double the pleasure! ~ Double the fun!

Andy is due back to the Pride of America on August 2nd, so
he will have to hustle to get all his time-off fun accomplished.
That is, IF he decides to go back to the ship.
Only time will tell.
Stay tuned.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I alway thought a cruise would be a really fun vacation! And it looks like Andy has all of his fun lined up during his time off. Hope the job stuff ends up how he wants it, good luck Anders!


  2. Andy, I am so jealous of your fun adventures. Take in some FUN for us.


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