Hell’s Kitchen


There, I’ve said it. Think of me as you wish, but today I have the courage to type this blog and tell you the truth. I have watched every TV show Gordon Ramsay has ever been involved with and shown in the USA. I have checked all of his books out of the library and read them from cover to cover. I have exhaustively searched the internet for snippets of his life, philosophy, failures, criticisms, family and just about any newsy bits I can find.

It is not infatuation that drives me, it’s intrigue. I am totally fascinated by what he has been able to rise above and achieve in both the culinary world and beyond. His ego has no bounds. His vocabulary is blue. His temper is evil. His cooking is perfection. His rise to fame is amazing. His wretched beginnings to mega-cook is inspiring.

Shows Broadcast In the USA:
Kitchen Nightmares
Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares
The F Word
Hell’s Kitchen

Today I’m going to share with you a bit about Hell’s Kitchen (Tuesdays on FOX at 9:00pm PST). If you’re not familiar with the show, the premise is this: Chefs from all walks of life, from Executive Chefs who already run their own kitchens, to line chefs, and even stay at home moms and dads who just cook for their family, compete throughout the season, not to be eliminated, but to emerge as the last chef standing. The prize is either their very own restaurant (in Season One), or to be the Executive Chef (really Senior Executive Sous Chef) of Chef Ramsay’s newest restaurant, THE LONDON, in Los Angeles. In this current season, it also comes a $250,000 yearly salary. Not a bad gig.

What does it take? As with most Reality shows, each episode has two challenges. The first is a reward, with the winner/s doing something fun while the losers have a punishment. The second challenge is to avoid elimination. How this is all achieved is worth watching just to find out.

Where the show stands out from all the other reality same old, same old, is that unlike most of the other shows, the producer’s focus is not making the contestants look like idiots and simpletons. Occasionally they will show people employing strategy, but for the most part it’s all about the cooking and what it really takes to run a top quality restaurant.

Now that’s entertainment!

As a worldwide restauranteur, Scottish Chef Gordon Ramsay is phenomenal at getting the absolute best performance out of a chef of any calibre, from novice to adept. Those people who’ve only seen excerpts of the show, naturally only see the explosive side of him, however he’s constantly pushing for excellence, and getting it. In the same way I imagine a football coach yells at his team when they screw up, and praise them only when they produce the results he expects, or they reach their own personal capabilities. A noble ambition in any profession – only the tactics used are vastly different.

No doubt, you likely have a clue about how I originally learned of Gordon Ramsay. My own son, Chef Andrew got me hooked. He has told me countless stories, thoughout his chefing years, about what it was/is like to work in “the kitchen” but it wasn’t until GR’s shows hit the airways that Andy was able to give me a first hand look into the real goings on. Certainly better than some things I could be consumed with, (not counting eBay), but ever since Andy introduced me to the GR ways, I have been hooked.

To end this blog pleasantly, I’m taking you out of Hell’s Kitchen and across the Pacific Ocean to Japan. If you have the time and interest, here is a serene tour of:

“This restaurant offering has always been an ambition of mine as Tokyo is such a cosmopolitan city with the most vibrant people and high level of produce. We have enjoyed wonderful custom from Japanese diners over the years in Britain so it is a privilege to give something back and I am very much looking forward to offering the same standard a little closer to home!”

With such elegance and eloquence, how can
anyone think less of Chef Gordon Ramsay?


3 responses to this post.

  1. I have only ever seen GR when The Soup talks about his show. Hmmm, you have piqued my interest, I’m going to have to delve a bit deeper…


  2. ALERT: Hell’s Kitchen is full of swear words, so if you are sensitive, please don’t tune in. You’ve been warned.


  3. Auntie, you missed his appearance on the Christmas Special of Extras (the Ricky Gervais show he did after the office). Aired here in the states on HBO I think. He had a quick part as himself.

    You’d probably also love the kitchen nightmares from the UK, in my opinion it’s better than the US one and that is mostly because he does all of the voice over on the UK one himself instead of the US guy who over dramatizes stuff. He also follows up on the restaurants more and you get to see if they followed his rules and if they are more successful etc…


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