Dumpster Diving!

Last weekend, when taking out my trash, I was shocked to see our apartment dumpster brimming with all kinds of stuff, most of which could have been recycled or given away. The recipients would think it was Christmas come early! One of the tenants in our complex was moving to a new home, so I asked Karen if I could recycle her discards, rather than have it all go to the landfill. She said “go for it.”

So, I started right in and hauled everything out of the dumpster onto my front porch. The items were all in great condition, no icky, no sticky, no smells, no damage, no nothing to detract from continued use by someone, somewhere, somehow.

~ Things I Hauled Outta the Dumpster ~

2 Quasar Tall Audio Speakers / Kitchen Cookware / Pyrex Baking Supplies / Cupcake tins and cake pans / 4 Sets of measuring spoons / 4 plastic & glass measuring cups / Drinking glasses / A clock, still running / New men’s shaving kit / Men’s brand new undershirt / Double bed sheet / New queen size bed skirt / Lotza fun family board games / Puzzles / Reel to Reel player / Camping bowls / 3 pairs of like new slippers / 3 Great designer purses (one had a diamond earring in it) / 78 rpm records in three albums (I’m selling these on eBay) / Tablecloth / Like new JVC VCR player / Clothes drying rack / Books galore / Cub Scout hat and neckerchief scarf / Christmas lights and much, much more.

Up on the internet it went and the replies poured in. I sent pick-up info, labeled everything, put the items in grocery bags, then put them out on my front step. It took no time, and it made a whole lot of people a little happier. One big boxful went to the Senior Citizen Center’s Boutique, where they sell items to fund their activities.

Here’s a picture of a few of the things waiting for pick-up outside my front door.
Most had been picked up or dispersed by then.
That’s how E-Z it is!

Every one of those items could be recycled, given to charity, Books for Prisoners, put on OlyReuseables or Freecycle, or for people’s garage sales, etc. Just takes a little time and a little thought. Drives me so nuts when there is wanton disregard for our landfills, our less fortunate human family, or needy charities – all who could benefit from recycling. Let’s stop the madness now!

! ! ! ALWAYS RECYCLE ! ! !


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by reliablejim on Monday, June 16, 2008 at 9:38 am

    You’ll be pleased to know that the Town of Raymond has a monthly garbage day where we will take ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want to get rid of.

    We’ll pick your stuff up and take it to the landfill for you. That’s right – we most strongly encourage Quasar tall audio speakers; kitchen cookware; Pyrex baking supplies; cupcake tins and cake pans; sets of measuring spoons; plastic & glass measuring cups; drinking glasses; clocks, still running; new men’s shaving kits; men’s brand new undershirts; double bed sheets; new queen size bed skirts; lotza fun family board games; puzzles, reel to reel players; camping bowls; pairs of like new slippers; great designer purses (especially those with one had a diamond earring in them); 78 rpm records in three albums (that could be sold on eBay); tablecloths; like new JVC VCR player; clothes drying rack; books galore; Cub Scout hats and neckerchief scarves; Christmas lights and much, much more.

    And to think, as the communications chief of this town; I get to be the guy that promotes this awesome and irresponsible program to the masses! Like a chip of the old block from you, Mom.

    I’d write more, but I have to go throw some more stuff in the local landfill just because I can.


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