Such A Cutie!

Now that Jasmine is 12+ years old, I know that some day she will pass away. No use denying it, it will happen. We’ve all had pets we adored that have gone and left us behind with only sweet memories.

I’ve been heard to say, that when Jasmine goes, I will not get another cat. Jazzie and I are so much in love that we even sleep together. She is amazingly smart (although she can’t beat me at Jeopardy . . . yet) and an overall terrific companion. I just don’t believe she can be replaced.

Then I saw this little kitten!

I might change my mind.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by J.Michelle Swope on Friday, June 13, 2008 at 9:58 am

    Ok, that is the cuteset kitten ever!! You know, Jasmine might like teaching a cute little kitten such as that the ways of the world:) You could have your seasoned vetran teach your newbie:)
    Miss you, love you, come by soon and see my new cat. He is 14.5 lbs, he is a male calico (apparently unheard of and quite rare) and his name is Senor Don Gato.


  2. What a cute litte kitty face. I think that I heard the like 99% of calicos are female and the majority of pure orange cats are boys (but not such a high percentage!) So cute, hang in there Jazzy.


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