Got An Itch?

This flea has been enlarged to show detail.

All cats and dogs are susceptible to flea infestations, except for some that live in high elevations or in extremely dry environments. You can be prepared by knowing your flea season, which is largely influenced by temperature and humidity. This graph factors past weather data to illustrate when fleas are most likely to be active in Olympia, Washington.

Flea-Fighting Tips
To battle flea infestation requires patience and perseverance, so put on your armor and get to it early! Because the life cycle of a flea is three to four weeks, it will take at least that long to completely rid your pet and its environment of the enemy. Different flea control products work in different ways, have varying levels of effectiveness and kill different flea stages (eggs, larvae and/or adults). You may need to use a combination of products to be effective. Trial and error will determine what is best for your home and yard.

For my sweet Jasmine I put the flea drops right on her skin, at the nape of her neck, every month. She does not go outside very much anymore, especially because we have been having such a cold Spring, but soon that will all change and I will have to be a lot more careful. More aggressive vacuuming, plus getting into the small spaces where my boxes of books are kept, is real important because fleas love dark hide-a-ways. I also put flea bombs throughout the house twice during the Summer. It is important to keep up-to-date on the prevention to avoid it getting outta control real fast.

You’ll realize the importance even more once the fleas start biting you, your family and guests. It is an itch that keeps on giving. (James has a great personal fleabite story to share. You’ll have to ask him once he moves to Utah.)

Prepare For the War on Fleas In Advance!


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