The Leo & Dave Show

Do you remember Leo Laporte who used to be ‘the guy’ on “The Screen Savers,” “Call For Help” and “The Personal Computing Show” TV shows? Some aired live every weekday from 1998 to 2004, based out of California. I remember him being on TechTV (formerly ZDTV).

After that gig, Leo began producing shows in Toronto for Rogers Communications. His show aired in Canada on G4TechTV, and Australia on the HOW-TO Channel. Rogers moved production to Vancouver in 2007 and renamed it “The Lab with Leo Laporte.”

So here’s my son Dave appearing as a guest on “The Lab with Leo Laporte.” They explore Dave’s collection of dittoed newsletters, punk rock fanzines, gig handbills, well-traveled cassettes and video cassettes while riffing about remixing ephemeral objects and participating in the new artistic renaissance.

You Go Dave!


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  1. I watched the whole thing.


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