So you think your kitchen is too small?

While talking on the phone to Andy the other day, I asked him to tell me about his latest duties in the production end of the daily ship’s food service. Previously his jobs on the ship have been all over the place, from breakfast buffet, to room service, to captain’s cook, to entrees, to appetizers, salads and desserts in different restaurants. The chefs get transferred around the ship wherever they are most needed at the time.

Andy is currently on “Cold Buffet” for the Aloha Cafe as well as “Production” for a few of the other outlets on the Pride of America. He is responsible for making sure that the 2200+ guests have all the specialty salads they desire daily. Andy has NO assistants and does all the cooking, slicing and dicing – the full preparation himself.

Andy’s shift is from 3:00am – 11:30am daily.
Seven days a week – no days off.
(You really gotta love to cook!)

In Vast Quantities!
Salads that Chef Andy prepares daily:
Potato Salad
Turkey Salad / Chicken Salad
Egg Salad
Tuna Salad

Here are the daily amounts of food required!
100 pounds of potatoes
30 pounds of turkey
15-20 dozen eggs
20 pounds of tuna fish
15 pounds of onions
8 bunches of celery
50 pounds of cabbage
10 pounds of carrots
Large jar of capers
6 gallons of mayonnaise
1 gallon of spicy mustard
Plus the other condiments!

And are you ready for this . . .
He does it all in a 4′ x 8′ work space!

Andy will be home from this 20 week contract on June 21st.
He deserves the break!


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  1. Thats a lot of salad.


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