Bits & Pieces

Thought I would take a idea out of Heather’s blog and bring you up-to-date on some things going on in my life currently. Here are the Top 20 ramblings, as they come to my mind. Careful, there’s no frenetic pace here, so you may doze off.

1. Having a new 50 gallon hot water heater installed in my apartment today.

2. The Office begins their new episodes tonight. Finally!

3. Temperature high is forecast for 72 degrees this Saturday in Olympia.
My backyard is a total mess. Hopefully I can get some work done in it this weekend.

4. Been on a QUICHE kick lately. Made three in the last week.
*Spinach & Bacon * Mushroom & Onion * Baked Ham & Green Onion
Yummy way to use up odds and ends in the fridge and fun to share with friends!

5. Looking for a delicious recipe for Apple & Strawberry Pie.
An odd combo, but would use up these Cameo apples + add a little zing.
I’ve searched through the internet, but not much to offer.

6. Jasmine (my cat) is all up-to-date on her shots & her silly antics continue.
She’s 12 years old now and a total joy to me everyday.

7. Plans are afoot for another big trip beginning on June 21st.
More newz to come as it develops. Stay tuned.

8. eBay sales continue. Lotza listing, selling, wrapping & mailing.

9. New higher postal rates begin on May 12th. Again, already?

10. Still pulling for David Archeleta on American Idol. He’s a doll.

11. Just loved reading “The Cure For Anything Is Salt Water” by Mary South.
NOTE TO ~JMS: You have to read this one!

12. Seaching for a copy of “Buffalo Valley” by Debbie Macomber in paperback. Apparently it was short-published. I need it to complete the full “Dakota” series set. (An apple-strawberry pie for anyone who can find me a copy – at a good price.)

13. Been going thru boxes of personal papers this week and found some long-missing, vital and important information. Thought they were long lost. How thrilling is that?

14. My friend Kathy continues to make bread every Saturday. She won’t let me help her anymore. Does that tell you anything?

15. Got my COSTCO card renewed for another year. Love to Kathy’s company, “Lend-A-Hand!”

16. Thanks to Arlin and Cindy, my new Juki sewing machine is all engineered into the old Husqvarna cabinet. I just love it!

17. 2007 Taxes are done and ready to mail next Tuesday.

18. Grocery Outlet continues to be my ‘walk of choice’ but I need to increase my distance. Will start walking around Capital Lake now that the weather is getting warmer.

19. Am on a ‘first name basis’ with the postal employees in the Olympia Main & West Olympia branches. Who’s surprised at that?

20. Love reading your blogs. Keep the fun coming!

What did I tell you? Boring!
Certainly is pleasant to be retired.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like your busy to me.


  2. I didn’t find it boring, and I also love reading about all that you are up to these days. Busy is right! I will keep my eyes peeled for the pie recipe too, there has GOT to be one somewhere!


  3. Posted by J.Michelle Swope on Tuesday, April 15, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    Tell me MORE!!! So wonderful to read what you have been up to. Don’t have a blog but I will tell you we just got back from Disneyland, Maddy loved it! Maddy has her first fast pitch game of the season tonight(if the weather holds). I’ll get you the schedule as soon as I get one:) And I want to konw more about that book you read! Love, JMS


  4. I am glad things are going Great. I love list posts. Easy to read and informative. I think and apple strawberry pie combo would be delicious. Let us know if you find one.

    I haven’t ever made a quiche but it sounds really good right now. I think I will try to make one before the month is through. What is your favorite? The bacon and spinach sounds yummy.


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