My Book Shelf


I’m an avid reader (as most of you know) and I certainly come by it naturally!

When I was at Utah State University, working on my Master’s, I had the most incredible Literature Professor, who I adored. She was so magical, that my reading interests expanded farther and wider than ever before. I looked so forward to her twice a week classes and increased my depth and love for reading tenfold.


Once, when I was in her office, I noticed a shelf stacked with a wide variety of tomes of titles and subjects, none of which seemed to match any specific genre. As I inquired my professor told me that it was her RETIREMENT SHELF. As she was so busy with her career, there were titles and/or subjects that interested her, which she had no time for then, but didn’t want to lose or miss reading in her lifetime. She just put those special books on her shelf, but there was no touching the books until she was officially retired.


I loved the idea! I felt the same way, there were so many subjects I was interested in, but so little time to pursue them, and at the time could not sacrifice the hours to get down deep and seriously into them.


Then and there I created my own RETIREMENT SHELF, or should I say BOOKCASE. And guess what, now I am retired! I have been going through my ‘shelves o’ books’ enjoying my reading and studying all kinds of subjects in more detail. Many non-fiction topics are so much clearer, and of course a whole lot of fun-filled fiction reading as well.


Nothing better than time to do exactly whatever you please!


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  1. Hey, that is a great idea, and one our family can particularly use since we always tend to have our hands in so many different projects at once, we want to do it all! I know I am putting off a lot of very involved and technical sewing projects and patterns until my children are all either older, or even grown and gone. This time in my life is so chaotic and busy, I don’t have the focus or time to dedicate to any of it. I know it’s not going to be this way always, so I am making sure to enjoy this time when they’re little, since it’s over in a flash.


  2. So what are some of the titles or subjects you have been diving into?


  3. Heather, I have three books going at all times, each in different parts of my house. One in my bedroom, one in the living room and one in my car.

    At bedtime I am currently re-reading the Miss Read series in Fairacre and Thrush Green. I just finished the 10 volume Plumfield series by Louisa May Alcott. (Now I’m selling them on eBay!) I have also read several biographies and auto-biographies this year as well.

    In the car I have an easy-breezy book that I can pick up and read a few pages while I am waiting for an appointment, at the doctor’s office or in a parking lot waiting for someone coming in on the plane, etc. Something like Dave Barry, light mysteries or saved magazine articles.

    Then my current non-fiction studies concern the Spanish painters – Picasso, Goya, Velazquez, El Greco, Dali, Sorolla, etc. I loved Spain when I was there in 2005 and so this topic was a natural.


  4. I really wish I was an avid reader. I really hope my kids learn the love of reading at a much younger age than I was when I started getting interested. Hopefully they learn through their dads great example.


  5. I think a big problem of mine was growing up without reading. I was a bad reader because I never read. When I finally was old enough to start getting interested in books I would get headaches from reading. Until I got smart enough to get reading glasses. Huge Difference and now I can happily read.


  6. I am really excited to start reading Sherlock holmes books to my kids. My dad would read us 3 min. mysteries when we were little. I hope my kids will enjoy it like I did. It was so much FUN trying to solve the crimes/mysteries.


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