William Leslie Stevenson ~ RIP


While I was in Raymond, Alberta earlier this month, I got word from my cousin, that her Dad, my Uncle Bill, had passed away at 78 years. He was the last remaining member of that generation of Stevensons.

“Grampa,” my Dad, Robert Louis Stevenson died on May 9th, 2006. He had two brothers. His older brother was John Walter Stevenson who died 17 +/- years ago. His younger brother was William Leslie Stevenson, who just now died on January 4th, 2008. These three sons were the only children born to our “Nanny” and “Gramps” — Walter John Stevenson and Lucile Marie (or Mary Lucile) Heinn Anderson.

Uncle Bill was a United States Marine through and through. Even though he was long retired from the service, he was in excellent physical health his whole life. He was in ‘command’ of himself and very disciplined in everything he did, whether exercising, eating right, living the gospel, or attending the Temple every Tuesday and Thursday. He was always “spot on.”

That didn’t mean he was rigid, on the contrary. He was a wonderful man, full of love and compassion for all humankind. He was gangs of fun, had an infectious laugh and a willing hand. If you ever needed someone to help, “Steve” was the one you called first. Ready to render any aid with little notice. He nursed his wife, my Aunt Alice, through the last years of her illness with never a complaint. (She died in November 2005.)

In 2001 I went to Orlando to visit my Uncle Bill and Aunt Alice, and was so glad to reconnect with them after such a long absence. They were absolutely wonderful to my friend and I and welcomed us as if it had just been two weeks since I last visited. As comfortable as my old slippers.

Here is the funeral program.
Just click on the little picture for the larger view.


Uncle Bill leaves behind his only child, my cousin Cynthia Scott, her husband Bill, and their three children, daughter Allison (Tyler) Worf of Logan, UT, and sons David of Orlando, FL and Steven of Winter Springs, FL. And one sweet little great grandchild, Logan Worf.

And now he is gone to be with his beloved wife, parents and brothers.
~ A Joyous Reunion ~


3 responses to this post.

  1. It looks like it was a lovely program, and he will be greatly missed by so many family and friends. I have heard lots of great stories about Uncle Bill, but only met him twice.


  2. Posted by Loni Gee Hackworth on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 10:01 am

    Lauralee, this was a beautiful tribute to your uncle; he sounds marvelous. I always think it’s very sad when the last person in a family dies. But, you have good, fond memories.


  3. I’m sorry to hear of his passing…thank you for keeping everyone up on the extended family.


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