Festivus 2007

Dave, Lisa and Austin were the hosts of our family Christmas celebration this year. It was the first time in nearly 16 years that everyone has been together at the same time, so that made our holidays extra memorable and all around gangs o’ fun!


Our three day celebration was replete with the best activities, delicious food, snow sports, great games, family pictures, beautiful music, lots of shopping, last minute errands, and all around super fun. Just a big variety of things to do, and best of all, there were NO RULES – everyone did whatever suited their style of fun.

That meant I was in the kitchen cooking with Lisa and Andy! (No one went away hungry!) Austin & Austin were out snowboarding, skiing and playing games with Uncle Dan. Then off to the movies, video games and sleepover with Kaito. The five Olson brothers enjoyed being with each other, telling stories and generally goofing off. Of course, everyone was playing with Hannah and Emily. And lots, lots more terrific activities!

Lorne and Myrna brought our fresh, magnificent, gourmet turkey from Myrna’s brother, Uncle Pete’s Turkey Farm, especially raised for the yummiest results. Cena baked bread and apple pies, which everyone devoured at great speed. Besides crisis management (the plumbing lines backed up), Dave was on the photography and how hard was that trying to get just one good picture of the whole group! Lots of craziness!



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  1. I love! love! love! all of the fun pictures, and I am so happy you had such an amazingly fun time this Christmas with everyone there! There is nothing like being with the ones you love most for the holidays, no matter how cheesy it sounds, it really is true.


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