Safe & Sound !


Yep, we’re home in Raymond, Alberta! We had an amazing journey, which actually turned out to be very fun. My son, James, who is my total driving hero, did an awesome job getting us home safely. The three children were wonderful and all in all I could not have asked for a better trip.

After a day’s driving, on New Year’s Eve, we were in Coeur d’Alene, ID and stayed at the Shiloh Inn. They had a special party for all the visiting families which included games, movies, prizes, those big bouncing things, refreshments galore and swimming. My grandson, Austin, told me that there were a hundred people up to see the New Year in – I wasn’t one of them!


And then after all that traveling, Austin was out delivering his newspapers first thing this morning in the bitter cold and snow. Certainly better a 12 year old doing it than me. (Yikes, how does he do it? I would be a popscicle after the first day!)

I will certainly enjoy this visit with my family over the month of January and will be on the blog whenever I can.



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  1. Holy cow, look at that little cutie in the pool!


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