Literally Swamped !


Little did I know that I was predicting my own future!

Perhaps some of you saw on TV, or read about, the terrible floods that plagued our area last week. The rain came down in torrents and caused six Washington counties to file for Federal State of Emergency funds and help. Thurston County, where I live, was one of them. Mudslides, sink holes, avalanches, total destruction and ruin could be seen everywhere from the rain.

While I didn’t have any damage inside my own apartment, I did come pretty close. The water was coming up through my vents within an inch of saturating my carpet. My cute backyard was a swimming pool, with stuff floating all around. I was holed up here in my place for two days and could not leave. Sirens sounded well into the night, and the smell of gas fumes was abundant in the air from people running their generators.


Our apartment complex was flooded to the top of the crawl space and the heat ducts were full of water, hence there was no heat for two days. Needless to say, I was well prepared for it, with my fireplace going strong for heat and all my books moved up off the floor just in case the water came inside.

The hardest hit area of our State was in Chehalis, Washington, just South of me about a half hour. Their water rose to 10 feet and washed away homes, cars and everything in it’s way. Last Saturday our Wards and Stakes took 3,000 volunteers down to help the people get back on their feet. SLC sent 10,000 clean-up kits to help with the mess. It made great headlines in our local papers about the Mormons coming to help with the flood relief. One man said that he never saw people so organized and so willing to help.


Now one week later, all is well within my surroundings, but there are plenty of people still suffering. Many lost everything and are in a world of hurt right now, and this being close to Christmas, how awful for them. Count your blessings!


5 responses to this post.

  1. We are sure glad you are so well prepared to deal with it all and came out out of it so well!! Good for you.


  2. So terrible! I am so glad you are doing well, and hope that you continue to stay as dry as you have. Wow, so grateful for a fireplace too, incredible!


  3. Wow, this is awful, but ironically, all of this water would be a welcome sight in Georgia. I am in Atlanta, and we are in a terrible drought. All of our lakes are drying up and we are just praying for rain every single day. We haven’t seen a sight like this in a long, long time. Hope you are doing well.

    Suzanne Wells


  4. I am glad that your stuff didn’t get ruined. I would love a fireplace to save us in an emergency. Glad your OK.


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