While out driving on an errand yesterday afternoon, along a less travelled highway, in the Western part of Washington. I drove by an old, but spiffed up, Drive-In movie theater with the marquee ablaze with this announcement. I couldn’t resist investigating, so in I went to talk to the fellow who came up with this brainstorm of an idea.

Here’s how it works. You arrive at the gate, pay for the number of players, plus however many bingo cards you want, then find a good spot and park. You plant the speaker on your car window and get ready for the games to begin.

The concession is going a dinger, people are all out talking to each other, horns are honking, kids are running around in the dark, and fun ensues. The turnout of people packs the parking lot and the theater is back in business!

The man is calling the numbers, you hear them through the speakers, then you check them off on your bingo cards in the car! The whole family gets in on it. If you get a BINGO, then you put your headlights on and a runner comes and checks your card for your winning numbers.

Talk about making lemonade outta an old dead movieless drive-in theater. Perhaps this is popular in other places, but I just found out about it. What an awesome idea!



4 responses to this post.

  1. That does sound like fun, and I know my kids would like the running around in the dark part best. And I like that the whole family can go.


  2. And cute Christmas background, so fun!


  3. And everyone is wondering why some blogs are highlighted in red? I think Heidi’s feelings are really hurt.


  4. The blog names go back and forth between red and black.
    Depends on whether you click them or not. And each
    computer shows a different color. Mine are all black right
    now. Heidi has nothing to worry about.


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