Update on Andy


After 3.5 months with me, Andy has moved to Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. He was injured on the job with Norwegian Cruise Lines so came home to Olympia for treatment on his wrist, arm and shoulder. Although painful, it is not serious enough to worry long term, so that’s a good thing.


Andy will continue to go back and forth between Canada and the USA, seeing doctors, receiving therapy and perhaps may still need surgery. All that is easy to do when he is that close to the border.

Most of his possessions are still in our storage shed here, however he did take a big load up to Chilliwack and will likely move more at a later date. He is happy to be back in Canada with other family members and also his friends.

At present Andy’s future in the cooking world is uncertain, but until he is fully recovered and able to go back into the kitchen, he is not taking any chances. Who can blame him for that?

In the meantime it was wonderful to have him home, even for a short time. He had some great ideas and helped implement a couple of changes around here for me – all of which will make my life in Olympia easier and more fun, for sure.


One of the neatest things Andy did is move my ManorBooks sales operation out of my diningroom and livingroom and into the master bedroom. He built up shelving units to stack the books both at home and in the storage shed. I can now get to the books in a more orderly manner without opening boxes and hunting all over. Then Andy moved my sleeping quarters into my newly decorated smaller bedroom, which is so cozy. Now I have been able to reclaim the living parts of my house. It makes such a huge difference to my daily overall work environment so I am especially thrilled with this particularly great idea.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I know you run a book business, I guess I just didn’t realize the amount of books you have in your inventory so you can do that. The new storage system looks great! Hooray for organization!


  2. Posted by J.Michelle Swope on Thursday, November 8, 2007 at 5:42 pm

    Best of luck to Andy, and look how tidy your books are now!

    Much love to you, let us visit soon, shall we ?



  3. Thats a lot of books.


  4. Andy, it looks like you did an awesome job, And. I hope you get better soon!


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