Sprechen Sie Deutsches ?

SOLD for $99.99


My former employer loves to go to estate sales, close-outs, land and automobile sales, auctions and the like. Doesn’t matter what they are selling, he is there! One day last year he was at an Estate Sale and called me to tell me about some of the items for sale. They had a bunch of closed and sealed “mystery boxes” of books, papers, magazines, etc. and he asked if I wanted any. They were $2.00 for each box so I asked him to buy me 10 boxes.

He brought them back from Tacoma and we unloaded them into my car. One by one I started right in to go through the apple box sized boxes and here’s what “treasures” I discovered.

1. New reams of printer paper in blue and green.
2. Junk mail of every kind.
3. Travel books, travel brochures, used airline tickets & boarding passes.
4. Personal papers, cards, letters, bank statements, grocery lists and a $20.00 bill. (Got my investment back!) This box also contained a paycheck that was never cashed and still in the original sealed envelope.
5., 6., & 7. Cookbooks, large and small, hardcover and softcover, English and foreign, plus handwritten recipes of every description.
8. Workpapers, brochures, presentations and job-related information from when this person was employed at Lockheed Aircraft and Boeing Airfield.
9. Reams of white printer paper and miscellaneous cooking magazines.
10. Lotza books of all varieties, both fiction and non-fiction.

All of which finally brings me to my eBay story.


In this last box was a dark brown, leather covered, German book dated 1792 and published in Oldenburg, Germany.

It is divided into three sections:
1. Prayers and Hymns
2. Songs and Laudations
3. Hymns for Special Occasions

It is in overall beautiful condition, especially for a 215 year old book. It even has a personal inscription inside. My neighbor is a German woman, so I took the book over to Elfreida and she translated the title page and publishing information for me.


I had it listed on eBay but it’s . . . SOLD NOW!

Check here to see how much my FREE BOOK sold for!

Alternate titles for this blog: “A little extra schnitzel money!” ~ “Ich benötige mehr Geld!” ~ “Old Book = Success!” ~ “Cigar anyone?”


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by thematsonroundup on Monday, October 15, 2007 at 6:21 am

    Great profit Auntie! If only every turn around was this good eh?


  2. I’m always a fan of an awesome ebay sale.


  3. WOW. That’s GREAT.


  4. What a neat book. German looks so lovely but reading it seems nearly impossible to me-so may letters in each word. I did however master one phrase I always need in Europe. “Haben zie etvas milche?” AKA: Do you have any milk?! The continent seems to have run dry of my favorite drink.
    Great job on the sale. Amazing. I once sold an old German hymnal from the DI for a lot on eBay but it was more like $40.


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