Happy Birthday Jayzee!


Baby Jamie on his 1st birthday in 1976.

Today is James’ 32nd birthday.

Can this possibly be true?

Alternate titles for this blog: “Popeye Forever!” ~ “I love Curious George!” ~ “Mom, I wanna play with the big guys!” ~ “Why does Grandma call me Willie?”


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  1. Look at the size of that cake! That was the start of my excessive eating. And here I thought it was my introduction to all-you-can-eat buffets at age nine.

    Actually, I may be in the minority here, but I remember receiving that cake on my first birthday. You kept shoving it towards me with the lit candle flaming closer and closer. It was really hot, as I recall. I was little and certain about what was being forced upon me, which is apparent by how scared I was (refer to picture for proof). I still don’t understand why you kept insisting. I guess you took the picture right before I started to cry. You got angry when I wouldn’t blow, and the candle burned me.

    I’m over it now. Austin and I made banana bread for my birthday cake this year. Hannah and Cena ate popcorn in my honour in Surrey.

    Thanks for the birthday greetings.


  2. Happy Birthday James! That is one darn cute baby picture too!


  3. Happy “terrifying” Birthday then, James!


  4. That is a huge cake for Willie! What a lucky boy!


  5. Wasn’t James born the same year as Scotty? I thought that thay were both 1975. The math doesn’t add up if he is 32 was and born in 1976.


  6. Yes Heidi, James was born in 1975. This is his ONE YEAR OLD birthday, thus 1976.


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