Prescription Eyeglasses ~ 2 Pairs for $35.00 !


Yikes, my eyeglasses broke on Monday. I had been in so many big stores that day, tramping around, doing errands, however it wasn’t until I got into Lassley’s used paperback bookstore that they broke. The lens came tumbling down, right at my feet. I thought how lucky I was that they hadn’t broken at Fred Meyer as I might have lost the lens forever. Anyway . . .

The metal frames had snapped on the top inside corner by my nose – so weird, and so hard to fix. I came home and put on my “spare pair” of wonky pink cat eye glasses and looked just like Maxine!


Since Andy and I are leaving on our trip to Philadephia on Monday night, I was desperate to get replacement glasses for the broken pair. This especially was important because I would have to wear my pink Maxine glasses on the plane and Andy wouldn’t sit by me!

I went to my regular eye doctor and, of course, they were closed on Wednesdays! Right around the corner is the wholesale lab that my doctor uses, so I went in there and explained my problem. The woman at the lab opened up a box with an assortment of utility “non-designer” frames and found a pair, not unlike what I already had, which fit my lenses exactly. She had the technician put in my lenses and then she uttered my favorite phrase . . . “NO CHARGE!”

Feeling emancipated, I took my broken frames plus my spare glasses to Capital Eye Care and the doctor told me that if I would wait for about a half hour, he would “weld” and repair the break in my old frames, replace the spare pair lenses, and adjust my new glasses all for $35.00. SOLD!

Hooray, I’m back in the business of seeing well!


Alternate titles for this blog: “Is this a $1 or $10?” ~ “I’m thrifty, not cheap!” ~ “She’s a nice girl, but her choice of eyewear is strange!” ~ “Hey Lady, that’s the Men’s Room.”


3 responses to this post.

  1. I hate getting new glasses.


  2. I broke my last pair of glasses at the Hyatt….on Guam. And I have never had another pair since. I have relied on contact lenses, and when I’m giving my eyes a rest, I go blind, stumbling around the house, squinting for all I’m worth. I need to just break down and get another pair of glasses, but I’m with Melly, I hate it. Shopping for them is a total chore.


  3. I got a new pair of glasses last year, but I liked my old frames better. The prescription was not far off so I just wear my old glasses. Gary wants to know why I even got new glasses.


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