I’m Soooo Ready !



Thursday, September 27
One Hour Premiere
Season 4 Begins!

The truth is, I’m hooked! Everyone was talking, with such acclaim, about the USA version of “The Office.” Your blogs were full of it. I had never seen it, but thought I better get with the program (literally!). So throughout this Summer I have rented Seasons 1, 2, 3 and watched them all. Finally, I get it why everyone is wild in love with this show. It is deluxe on so many fronts that now I am a total devotee.

Just can’t wait for the season opener, no doubt you feel the same way.

I have also been all over the internet, reading and viewing every scrap of info about the show, its characters and all fun things about The Office. I even found that they are having a convention, just like Star Trek, but for uber fans. It is being held in Scranton PA in October of this year. Thought it was a riot, and yes, I’ll admit it, if I had pots of money, I would be there! (Psst, Banna, how far is Scranton from Philly?)


“Next month, the very first convention for NBC’s The Office will be held in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where the Emmy award-winning comedy series is set. Although the show is actually filmed in Los Angeles, it has made numerous references to the “Electric City.” The Office, which centers on the employees of a fictional paper company in Scranton, has had a huge impact on the city.”


Alternate titles for this blog: “Jim & Pam – YES!” ~ “Michael & Jan – A SCREAM!” ~ “Dwight & Angela – EXCUSE ME?” ~ “Ryan & Kelly – NUTS!” ~ “Phyllis & Bob – AWESOME!”


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  1. I can’t remember if I already asked you, but have you already seen the British Office? Heidi got me to watch it, and I have been thanking her ever since! I love it!!! But I too am in total love with the US version, it’s definitely it’s own show, and completely brilliant!!!


  2. Yep, saw the British version and that’s why I
    didn’t’ watch the USA one, at first. I just loved the British one so much, that I thought the USA could never match it. But I’ve discovered, they are two different animals. Both great in their own way.


  3. Is the convention during the week that you’re here???!!!! If we can let’s do it! Scranton is about 1.5 hrs from what I remember, but don’t quote me on that, I’ve only been there once about 4 yrs ago. It is a fun fun show, I agree. We’ve watched it and rented it for re-watches. I also can’t wait for the extended first 4 episodes :o)


  4. It’s pretty good, I guess.


  5. Just kidding, I LOVE IT!!!


  6. The Office convention will be held on October 26th, 27th & 28th. So we’ll have to make a plan for next year! I’ll likely be in Lethbridge during that time this year.


  7. WE love it too.


  8. I can’t wait for it to start thanks for the reminder. I will be teaching so I will tape it.


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