You Want A What?


I have been going a dinger on my eBay listings this month. I’m trying everyday to get as many new items up on the internet, so I will have a big inventory for people buying their Christmas and holiday gifts. My goal is to list 200 items per week. So far I am averaging about 150, so I am pushing hard, in between everything else I try to accomplish each day.

It is amazing to me that I regularly get e-mails asking for a discounted “Buy-It-Now” price for this item or that item. In most cases I know what the item will bring, but in others it is a pure guess, then I am often surprised at auction’s end. It is amazing what sells and what doesn’t sell, and for how much. This is especially evident with my oddball items, other than books. I know many of you have gone through the same thing with your eBay sales!


For instance, here is ONE PAPERBACK book, “THE IMPERIALISTS” by William Stuart Long. It is the last book, #12, in a series called “The Australians.” I know that the publisher shorted the supply of this title, which drove the value up, and I know that this series is banned in Australia, but what I am puzzled about is why so high? (An entire 12 volume set recently sold on eBay for $20.00, although I sold one full set about a year ago for $118.00. Excuse me?) So, why is this ONE BOOK going for so mcuh, especially when it can be purchased so much cheaper all over the internet? Or they could buy an entire set, then part out the titles they don’t need.

Of course, I’m not complaining, bring it on, but it just seems so strange to me. Who knows how high this auction will go over the next couple of days, before the auction ends on Thursday? Stay tuned.


Obviously, I ran down, at the speed of light, to the used paperback bookstores here in Olympia and surrounds, to buy out all their stock of this title. The most expensive one was $6.00. Hello?

Alternate titles for this blog: “And now you want FREE postage!” ~ “Easy $$ money!” ~ “Grab the money and run!” ~ “I need a whole truckload of these books!”


4 responses to this post.

  1. eBay really is so great. Are Australians bidding on this book! Good Luck with these. Sure is nice get such a great turn-around on this book.


  2. Bidders have come from Australia, the UK and New Zealand. I guess that fits the profile. I actually sent one set to Hungary a couple of years back. I have sold at least 40 of these complete sets over the years. It still amazes me.


  3. NICE! I love surprises like that.


  4. I love ebay, it’;s my number one shopping stop. Infact Mathes has now begun to ask me if we can go to ebay when he has decided he wants something. Hey, my favorite sale was the 75 cent butter jar that I turned around and sold for $20. Oh, happy day!


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