mY nEw LoOk . . .

Just thought I’d recognize the winding down of Summer, and the beginning of the new season, with a change in my blog layout.

Here in the Pacific NW, Autumn is a great time of year! I love the crispness in the air, the great smells, the fun activities down by the harbor and that beautiful night sky. The leaves are already starting to change in Olympia, so a drive to the coast is a must. Can’t forget the back-to-schoolers, how fun to see their excitement and anticipation for a new year — no matter what age!


What do you love about Autumn?

Alternate titles for this blog: “Can you say “the rain is coming.” ~ “Winterized my backyard. Check.” ~ “The firewood is up to the windowsill. Check.” ~ “Bring it on, I’m ready!” ~ “Andy sez this blog scene looks like Lake Cadillac in Michigan!”


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  1. I love the fall colors, the turning of the leaves, and the cooler night air. It’s just such a beautiful time of year, and also one where you can start back with the hot chocolate too! I love it! And I am so loving your new look!


  2. The new look is way fun!
    I like raking leaves with the kids, dressing the kids in cute jackets (buying jackets for my kids is a huge weakness of mine), onsies and undershirts for my kids (For some reason that extra layer of clothing on my kids makes me feel better. I can’t explain it. I always hate when it gets too hot for them to wear onsies.), and my number one favorite thing about the fall is Halloween! I absolutely LOVE Halloween. The older I get the more I love Halloween!


  3. New look looks new. I like it.

    I like cold weather a ton better than hot.

    Funny you’ld say that about sweaters Heidi, The big reason I decided to come to Logan was because it was between Logan or St. George, and I couldn’t wear my cute jackets and sweaters down there…


  4. Posted by thematsonroundup on Tuesday, September 4, 2007 at 7:02 am

    Nice new autumny look Auntie. We’re so excited for you all to come and are counting down the days!


  5. I Really LOVE the new look. It makes me excited for the coming holidays in the Fall. I am not a fan of the cold but it is so beautiful when the leaves change and fall. I love how everything looks after snowfall.


  6. Do you know where that picture was taken? I want to go there it is so beautiful.


  7. No Korby, I don’t know where the picture was taken, but it sure looks like somewhere on the Atlantic North East Coast. Andy thinks it looks like areas in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan when he was on his mission. It sure looks like a really lovely place.


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