My Cat From Hell !

Last Friday Andy and I took Jasmine into the PetSmart grooming salon to be bathed and have her nails clipped. What ensued was a feroious undertaking that would leave any army exhausted.

We got Jasmine into the cat carrier okay, (we tricked her), but once at the grooming center it was a whole other ballgame.

This video is an ‘exact representation’ of Jasmine’s behavior. Apparently we are not the only ones with a cat like this. Her unrelenting, nasty conduct lasted for two solid hours!

The man who was brave enough to tackle Jasmine is named Jim. He deserves metals for COURAGE and BRAVERY for his valor in combat. Instead he got a big fat tip!


Jasmine is home, just now getting over her spitting, hissing and anger and turning back into the sweet cat she usually is. At least she is all beautified and the nails are not so sharp. Whew, that was an endeavor.

Atlernate titles for this blog: “You do it, noooo, you do it!” ~ Here kitty, kitty, kitty!” ~ Wanna pet my man-eating cat?” ~ “Please pass me my armor, helmet, shield and gauntlet!”


4 responses to this post.

  1. Hmmm, note to self, don’t pet the cat.


  2. Ow my goodness. I am really glad to say that I have never come across like that. YIKES! I am glad your cat went back to its loving self. I haven’t ever heard a cat make such terrible sounds before.
    Scott was in the living room reading heard the noise then ran upstairs to check on the kids thinking that the horrid noise was comming from the T.V. up there. It was quiet up there so his search lived on he came in to our room and asked if the sound had come from in here.Then I played him the clip. Funny HUH!


  3. Posted by thematsonroundup on Tuesday, August 28, 2007 at 10:20 am

    We were watching this and Griffin said, “I’m scared of this one” so I watched it alone. Pet Grooming just shifted to the bottom of my potential occupations list.


  4. After all this, it still made your list, Banna?


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