Back Home, But Only For A Short Time!

After a super time in SLC, Park City, and Logan, I am home for a couple of weeks before my next trip to Canada. We had all planned to go to Jackson Hole, WY but we couldn’t get accommodations, for a variety of reasons, mostly because the sensibly priced motels were all filled up and we didn’t want to spend the $$$ for the higher-priced spreads! That was all okay because we just traveled in a different direction! No harm, no foul.

Dena and I had the best time staying with friends in SLC, especially Jeff and Gary in their beautiful condo, accompanied by their wonderful hospitality and deluxe BBQ. We all went to Park City for the Arts & Crafts Fair and traipsed all over and saw everything. Great music, craft booths, antiques, fresh mountain air, sunshine, neat conversations and good food. What could be better than that for a sunny day adventure? We celebrated Dena’s birthday, full of fun, friends and great surprises. And to top off a perfect time, we all went down to the Hot Air Balloon “Glow” and really enjoyed being in the middle of all the hot air action.


When we came back to Logan, I did a bunch of running around and crossed things off my to-do list, including putting flowers on Grampa’s grave and, of course, a visit to the new DI. (The prices were so high! What happened to all the bargains and the salvage yard?) We visited Pappy and Mammy at the Clinic, and later they took us out to the Golden Corral, with Heidi, Olivia, Holden, Gray, Haven and Noah. A good time was had by all, including multiple stories and lotza laughs between bites. Sorry I wasn’t in town long enough to see more family, but our schedule was just too full and uncertain. There will be plenty of other times.

The next day I was away back to Olympia and much cooler weather. It was sooo hot the entire time I was in Utah, up in the high 90’s everyday. (I had forgotten how boiling hot it can be at this time of the year.) I am now back to Olympia in the high and mid 70’s, comfortable and cool, with ocean smells and breezes. The only good thing about the extreme heat was that I got a little bit of a tan while I was away.

All in all a terrific time with great friends and family. I’m unpacking, then re-packing to head up to Alberta to see my grandbabies for most of September. Just can’t wait to hold little Emily for the first time!

Alternate titles for this blog: “Gary’s BBQ’d corn on the cob-YummO!” ~ “Gladiolas for the birthday girl!” ~ “Chris, let’s do lunch!” ~ “How do you like my new haircut Sis. Viehweg?” ~ “Guess you had’ta be there!”


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  1. Posted by J.Michelle Swope on Monday, August 20, 2007 at 8:53 am

    Ahh, welcome home world traveler! When do you leave for Canada? Hope all is well, drop by soon, and see the wonderful colors we painted the garage!


  2. Wow, you are all over the place! Heard you had a great time, and glad you got back home safely! Sounds like you are living it up and having a grand time too!


  3. Auntie was avoiding everyone else because I am her favorite. ;)


  4. I am so glad that you had such a great trip. It sounds like another great time awaits you with the grandbabies. Take lots of picutres. We would all love to see them.


  5. I think you have done more fun things in Utah this summer than we have and we live here. The arts fair sounds like something up my alley. The balloons look so neat my kids would love it. Maybe next year.


  6. We didn’t see you! Too bad.


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