Spotlight on Holly


When some of us lived on GUAM, in 1995, the Yigo Branch Young Women make a cookbook of their favorite island recipes. (I seem to remember that Mammy spearheaded this cookbook project, so perhaps she should be spotlighted!)


Anyway, today I would like to share one of Holly’s entries, which will give everyone an idea of our family well-being at the time. When this cookbook was published, I was horrified by Holly’s insertion! Now that we are 12 years past the incident, I understand how disturbed Holly really was and needed a medical intervention, even then.

The Stevenson Family’s Blackened Pig
1 medium to large pig
1 medium sized house
Sauce (Optional)

Run the pig into the house. Shut all the doors. Set the house afire. Return in 3 days with oven mitts. Search and serve. Serve with sauce, if desired. Enough to feed the entire Stevenson family.

Holly, you still make your Auntie soooo proud!

Alternate titles for this blog: “Who has the matches?” ~ “BBQ, Island Style!” ~ “A worthy addition for our family recipe file.” ~ “Please pass the Keleguen Chicken and Red Rice!” ~ “Here piggy, piggy, piggy!”


6 responses to this post.

  1. I remember that recipe. I think this cookbook was part of Holly’s Young Women’s project, but I am not positive.


  2. Holly why haven’t you submitted that recipe to yet?


  3. That is fun. It is neat that you have kept it.


  4. Thanks, Auntie! Now I just need to work on making you proud by my blog posting abilities… ;)


  5. That cook book was actually Holly’s Laurel Project, or part of it anyways. I remember her working pretty hard on it, typing it all up and gathering the different recipes and such. I still have my copy too, and refer to it often for a few very beloved recipes. In fact one of them I used at Enrichment Night for Relief Society, and was nearly hunted down and killed for a copy of the recipe. Some of those ladies are ruthless!


  6. And that recipe is a family favorite…too bad the housing market has risen so sharply, we can’t enjoy it as often as we would like.


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