Country Pasta


Don’t Miss This Outstanding Product!

If you love homemade noodles, and who doesn’t, then heads up! My friend, Cindy, told me about these wonderful Country Pasta noodles which ‘were’ carried at Costco and come in a great big bag. One day Cindy brought us lunch, using these noodles, and I was blown away, they are sooo fabulous.

Unfortunately Costco does not carry them in the Summer, only the Fall, Winter and early Spring. Why? I can’t figure it out either. Anyway, I wrote to the company in Montana and asked about other distributors and got a list, easiest of which is in the grocery section at WalMart. (Locations, by State, are listed.)



The noodles come in a plain looking bag and normally you would just pass them by. I found them on the bottom row of the noodle aisle in WalMart, sitting there with no fanfare. There are two sizes of noodles, broad and thin. Neither of which look like anything particular until you cook them and they turn into noodle wonderland. The package is also a whole lot smaller than the big Costco bag, but costs $2.12 a bag at the WalMart here in Washington.

Country Pasta was started in 1990 by Linda and Dean Knutson in Polson, Montana. You can read more about the history of this wonderful product on their WEBSITE.

Linda sez:
“Our Homemade Style Egg Pasta is great for soups, salads, main meal and side dish recipes. The Homemade Style Wide Egg Noodles are perfect for stroganoff and casserole recipes. Whether you are entertaining guests or need something for a quick meal, our pasta is the right pasta everytime.”

“Our old fashioned pasta is made with only the highest quality ingredients: semolina ground from durum wheat, fresh eggs, natural sea salt, and clean mountain water. With our standards closely adhered to, we give you the goodness of homemade pasta without the homemade mess.”


8 oz. Country Pasta Egg Noodles, uncooked
1 small red onion, finely chopped
3 slices cooked bacon, crumbled
1/2 pound mushrooms, sliced
1/2 pound spinach, washed thoroughly & thinly sliced
3 hard boiled eggs, sliced

Tarragon-Blue Cheese Vinaigrette:
1/4 C. vegetable oil or olive oil
2 oz. crumbled blue cheese
1/4 C. tarragon vinegar
Salt & pepper to taste

Prepare pasta according to package directions, drain. In medium mixing bowl stir together the pasta, red onion, 1/2 the bacon, and the mushrooms.

To make the vinaigrette, whisk the vegetable oil, blue cheese, vinegar, salt and pepper together in a small bowl.

Toss the pasta with the vinaigrette. Spread the spinach over a large platter. Mound the pasta on top of the spinach and then garnish the salad with the hard boiled egg slices. (Courtesy of the National Pasta Association)

Serves 6

Alternate titles for this blog: “Pasta, the other good carb!” ~ “Chicken soup for my soul!” ~ “Another crockpot favorite!”


6 responses to this post.

  1. I LOVE homemade noodles but never make them and never have. I will Absolutly get them. My mom used to make chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles. I can’t wait to try them. Thanks. I wasn’t aware of their being any other brands out there.


  2. They are way cheaper than the ones I have tried before. Another added plus.


  3. I bought the noodles and am excited to try them they look delicious. I will let you know how it works out. They were just where you said bottom row at Walmart for $1.98. Thanks Again


  4. I have seent his on the bottom shelf at out Wal-Mart before and now I will have give it a try, it sounds like fun! Thanks!


  5. We tried them and I love them I will buy more but this time at Sams it is about $6.00 for a giant bag. Thanks


  6. Posted by SHELDON [In Philadelphia] on Wednesday, August 22, 2007 at 11:22 am

    Great sight. Sounds like a lot of happy folks. Nice big close family..


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