Tai Chi For Me


Why Is Tai Chi So Popular?

Tai Chi is practiced by over 180 million people daily! This makes Tai Chi the most popular form of exercise on Earth! It is part of the 4,000 year-old system of Traditional Chinese Medicine practiced in China and now recognized by the United States. Society benefits when an individual assumes responsibility and takes action for their own health and healing.

Recent medical studies confirm that just 20 minutes a day of Tai Chi can dramatically improve your balance (and significantly cut the risk of falls among older people), improve your leg and lower body strength, increase flexibility, help with arthritis pain, aid in the recovery of injuries, and a recent study presented at the American Heart Association meeting even found that just 12 weeks of Tai Chi resulted in a small but significant drop in blood pressure in older people.

Many studies have shown Tai Chi to be extremely effective with slowing the effects of aging, reducing stress, minimizing the effects of diabetes and increasing the potential for preventing strokes and extending life.


Those who practice every day have a longer, more active life than those who don’t, and their health potential increases dramatically. Other exercises dissipate your energy, while Tai Chi accumulates it, leaving you feeling refreshed when you finish. The slow, dance-like speed of Tai Chi creates balance, flexibility and calmness. With an emphasis on deep breathing and using mental imagery, Tai Chi integrates your mind with your body, and is very effective at relieving stress. Tai Chi creates an awareness of and influences dimensions of our being that are not part of traditional exercise programs.


Beginner classes start in the Fall at South Puget Sound Community College. I am enrolled, paid, and ready to go for the Fall semester. Just can’t wait!

Alternate titles for this blog: “No, Tai Chi is not a type of tea.” ~ “I don’t want to be Bruce Lee!” ~ “Tai Chi makes everyone feel free.” ~ “Korby will be proud of this Auntee!” (They all rhyme, get it?”)


4 responses to this post.

  1. I am PROUD! I would love to take classes too. It is taught in town I just need to get in gear and go. It looks like FUN. I would love to learn to teach Tai Chi Someday, I hope.


  2. I LOVE how it looks so graceful and peaceful. Maybe you can teach me Tai Chi someday.


  3. Sounds fun! Let us know how you like it!


  4. My Dad acutally used to teach it. He’s pretty good at it and I’ve even tried it….


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