(See Update Below!)


Just one of the hazards of Auntie’s 100 Day Challenge!

As I was busily working on the slides today, look which one I came upon! Can you tell who’s who? Left to right: Dan ~ Rob ~ Heather ~ Dave ~ Bob ! ! (Note how Heather is so modest.)

You can see the embedded lint damage. I have been cleaning the slides with a lint-free cloth prior to scanning them, however some of the lint is totally stuck on the film. So, I am scanning them the best I can first to make sure I have preserved them. Then I bought some canned air to work on them some more. I was worried about using the canned air as it might be too cold and crack the old film, so that’s why I am scanning them the way they are first.

UPDATE: Here is the same picture after using the canned air!


I seem to think that this picture was taken in our tub on 154A Street in Surrey, BC. It was likely taken in about 1975. But, I don’t remember why Pappy and Mammy would have been there then. I might be all wrong, but here’s what I figured: Dan looks about two years old. I do remember our tub being pink in that Surrey house, so figured we had already moved to Surrey from Michigan when this was taken. But hey, it’s over 30 years ago. Heather do you have any remembrance of this? Ask your Mom, maybe she can shed some light.

WARNING: I also found some killer pictures of Pappy, but I’ll save them for another post!

Alternate titles for this blog: “Dateline calling!” ~ “Bribes accepted!” ~ “To publish or not to publish, that is the question!”


5 responses to this post.

  1. Poor Heather….lumped together with all the boys.


  2. I think the scan looks pretty good.


  3. So cute. I have pictures of me bathing when I was little with my cousins. I also have pictures of Adler and Noah bathing together in sink tubbies. Mix kids and water and you have fun.


  4. I thought that Robby was Marky at first. I didn’t realize that they looked so similar as kids.


  5. I don’t remember this co-ed tubby, but it just shows how much Haven really does look like me still. My Mom said she doesn’t remember this exact time with all of us in the tub, but she does remember a visit/visits to Surrey. And Dan and Rob are both very big two year olds! Now I know where my Mathes and Noah get it from!


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