Raccoons Are (Not) Nocturnal


My work desk is about 8 feet from my sliding patio screen door. I always leave the door open about 4″ so that Jasmine can go out and in during the day. I see her comings-in and goings-out movement and am most generally aware of what she is doing. Sometimes she jumps up on my desk for a pet or tries to sharpen her nails on the chair or just goes in for a bite to eat. In any event, she has the run of the house according to her whims!

A couple of mornings ago I was working on some eBay listings, when I casually looked out the window. There was a big raccoon walking across the top of my fence, slowly from one side to the other. I was so shocked! The first thing I thought of was Jasmine. I ran outside to bring her in before the raccoon made lunch out of her. At 10 years old Jasmine is no match for a raccoon.

No matter how I called and searched in all her usual outside hiding places, I could not find Jasmine anwhere. I thought it must be too late. I also thought perhaps she was so frightened that she somehow got out of the yard through an opening or jumped the fence like SuperCat. My mind was reeling at the possibilities.

I came in and ripped my house apart, thinking maybe she had come inside earlier without me seeing her. Nowhere to be found. My neighbor, Bill, came down and asked if Jasmine was wearing a collar. He said that maybe he would find fur and the collar in one of the yards, so he went out to look. By this time I was so frantic, I could hardly function. Meantime the raccoon had left our complex.

Fast Forward . . .

Yep, you know the end of this story. A few minutes later, there she was! Jasmine had been having a little snooze in the clean laundry basket and had snuggled down inside the warmth of the clothes just out of the dryer. I never thought to even check that logical spot.

All’s well that ends well.

Alternative titles for this blog: “Jasmine vs. the Raccoon” ~ “Here kitty, kitty, KITTY!!!” ~ “Today’s Menu: Tasty Cat Stew.”


3 responses to this post.

  1. No. Auntie Lauralee!?! Frantic!?! You mean MY Auntie Lauralee!?! :D


  2. I am so glad that she is ok. I was getting worried until the fast forward.

    Scott and I being the worst parents EVER have a horrible raccoon story that is for another day but it had to do with scaring the pants off of Adler when he was little and having a screaming fit.


  3. The only raccoon I have SEEN (I have heard some while camping, not seen them) was one that a sister of a friend of mine had. She found him as a baby in the woods or something and she kept him in a cage in her bathroom. I felt SO SORRY for the poor thing, it was so sad to see him locked up. He was very mean and growled the entire time you sat there tinkling. Kind of weird actually, tinkling in front of an angry raccoon really.


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