Mount Rushmore Sings . . .

* To celebrate Navy Lt. Bob back from his assignment in The Philippines.
* To remind Dave of his trip to Mt. Rushmore.
* To say “Well Done” to Austin of the 2007 Capitol All-Stars.
* To wish Dave and Lisa a smooth move to their new home in No. Van.
* To congratulate Andy on his new assignment at the “Little Italy” restaurant.
* To send James, Cena & family off to Ottawa for their vacation.
* To throw hugs & kisses to my grandchildren near and far.
* To transmit good karma to Dan for his Summer university exams.
* To deliver best wishes as Bob, Yoshie & Kaito transfer to Port Hueneme CA.
* To bestow beautiful garden fairy dust on my lovely backyard & Jasmine.
* To throw out good vibes for a Safe and Happy Summer to everyone!

Alternate titles for this blog: “Don’t forget the sunblock.” ~ “Smile, sing & be joyful, it’s Summer!” ~ “Drive safe, Play safe!”


5 responses to this post.

  1. I think that we need further explanation on some of those. :D


  2. Like which items do you want to know more about?
    Mount Rushmore is just singing to applaud the different
    events of my family this Summer. So much going on!


  3. Summer and December are my craziest times of the year, and it sounds like it is for everyone else too. So much fun though!


  4. Fun post I like d the singing it made me SMILE. Lots of great things happening in the family. I am so glad that you shared the Good News!


  5. at a loss for words…


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