Capitol All-Stars Baseball Team
Scored Big in Regional Play-Offs!

Austin, You’ve Made Your Family Soooooo Proud!



Game 1: WON 3-1
Austin pitched the entire game.
Brought in two runs for his team.

Game 2: WON 7-5
Austin played in the outfield.
The 85 hour rule prevented him from pitching.

Game 3: LOST 9-5
Austin withdrew from pitching due to a sore arm.

Game 4: WON 10-5
Austin pitched first 5 innings.
Austin hit an inside grand slam (with errors).
Game went into overtime!
Capitols advanced to the title round.

Game 5: WIN 10-3
We pasted them!
Avenged the Game 3 loss.
Our first baseman, Garrett is out.
He slid into third and busted his leg.
Now that’s playing ball!

Game 6: LOST 9-5
Centralia Wins!
So sad, too bad. A great effort!
No State Championships for us . . . at least not this year.
An exciting and excellent season!

Austin’s all over the newspapers!

“Jones and Capitol hurler Austin Lee, who bounced back remarkably after leaving the Centralia game after 20 pitches, supposedly due to a sore arm, were locked in a good pitchers’ duel at first. Both got in trouble in the first two innings, yet both pitched out of it.”

“Then the disaster struck with three errors, all at first base, to help Capitol score three unearned runs to tie the game at 5-5. In the bottom of the fifth, Austin Lee reached his 85-pitch limit and left as Dan Mongovin came on. It stayed 5-5 until the top of the eighth when the roof fell in again with four key errors.”

“Turner started the frame with another single, and Ben Boggs bunted him over. Another single and an intentional walk to dangerous 3-hitter Jacob Mowry loaded the bags. The winning run came in behind another error at first, and then a bases-loaded blooper to right field scored four runs. The hit, by Austin Lee, scored two runs, and then Chehalis got a runner in a rundown between third and home. But a throw to third sailed into the outfield, letting the final two runs in. The two Capitol pitchers (Lee and Mongovin) struck out 14 Chehalis batters.”

Chronline’s coverage of Capitol’s loss to Centralia on Tuesday talks about Lee’s achey arm: “Capitol came out and jumped on Centralia hard in the first inning Tuesday, getting to starting pitcher Justin Reyna for three runs on four hits, including a pair of home runs (Mawry and Lee). Centralia caught a big break in the second inning, thanks to some reported arm soreness by Capitol starting pitcher Austin Lee.”

Lee is a tough right-hander who was always around the strike zone, but he left the game in the second inning after throwing just 20 pitches total, and Centralia pounced as the Capitol pitching collapsed.”

From Ryan Schopp at “The Chronicle” – “The Chehalis 11-12-year-old Majors Little League All-Stars pose with the third-place trophy after a disappointing extra-inning loss to Capitol Wednesday night in Montesano.”


“Here’s a pic of the saddened Chehalis younglings after the 10-5 loss to Capitol yesterday – sorry kids, I know it sucks but Capitol is on a mission!” (Thanks Dave!)

Alternate titles for this blog: “All the way to Williamsport!” ~ “City boys vs. country boys!” ~ Are baseball scouts watching this action? ~ “AA = Awesome Austin!”


2 responses to this post.

  1. The losers won a trophy!?!


  2. Yep, that’s the THIRD PLACE team from Chehalis, who won that trophy.
    Just like at the County Fair, blue ribbon, red ribbon and yellow ribbon.
    Just like at the Olympics, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Makes sense to me.


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