~ Before and After #2 ~


Checked these updates off my list.
That catches me up . . . for now.
Stay tuned.

Alternate titles for this blog: “Cat first, Emily last?” ~ “I’ve been busy!” ~ “Where’s my stapler?”


3 responses to this post.

  1. Mother,
    Thank you for posting two pictures of my precious daughter with her tongue hanging out for the world to see. Now everyone’s going to think she has some freaky tongue-hangy-outtie disorder. Emily is so cute – can’t you do better than that?
    unbiasedly yours,


  2. Estee’s little girl dreams of having her own kitty to love have been shattered by daddy’s allergies. Beautiful cat.

    Looks like you have been busy the office looks GREAT.

    I am excited to see projects sewn by the new machine.

    I love the pictures of Emily even with her tongue hanging out. She is Very Beautiful more pictures of her would be great.


  3. Is tongue-hangy-outtie disorder contageous? ;)


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