My 100 Day Project

Thanks to Amy, and her friend, also Amy, I took on the 100 Day Project Challenge. In case you missed it, here is the original site outlining the DETAILS.

My project is to put all my family slides onto CDs. Sound Simple? Actually it’s no small task as the slides have been in my various storage sheds for nearly 40 years, long forgotten. Oh yes, we’ve gotten them out from time to time over the years and shown them up on a wall using the original projector, which I might mention still works perfectly. But with all our wanderlust we have really neither had our fill of them nor enjoyed them near enough.

I have until September 18th to finish the project and report back with my results. I am, however, hoping to have the job finished long before that, by working on it a little bit everyday. Slow and steady will win this race.

My first step was to even find all the slide tray carousels, which were packed in boxes, deep in the recesses of my two storage sheds out in Elma, Washington (30 minutes away).


I found all the containers and brought them home to begin my work. There are 22 slide tray carousels, which hold between 80 and 140 slides each producing 1500 +/- slides total. They have been kept clean and dry all these years, and relatively dustfree, in those big snaptight Rubbermaid containers. Would have been a really ugly job otherwise.

So now I begin the monumental pleasant task of retracing all those footsteps down memory lane. Once the slides are sorted, flipped the right way, de-linted, catalogued, scanned, and digitized, they will likely fit on two RW-CDs. A huge difference in size and weight, nevermind portability.


I wonder how I am ever going to remember all the ‘what, whens and wheres’ of these pictures. How will I group them and what order will seem sensible? I guess all these questions will be answered in time as I go along.

Just a little lesson to all who are putting off working on your memory albums or family picture files, keep them up regularly so you don’t have to do the job by hit or miss so many decades later. P.S. Label everything as you go!


Alternate titles for this blog: “Don’t wait till the fat lady sings!” ~ “This old dog is learning new tricks!” ~ “Was that 1968 or 1971?”


7 responses to this post.

  1. Great project idea. I hope you are going to post some of the pictures when you are done. :D


  2. have a blast. As for the challenge of labeling and figuring out the wheres/whos/whats etc., use the power of the collective by posting to Flickr or somewhere and letting us lads chime in with what we think the details are. Be sure to scan them a good resolution for maximum reproduction ability.


  3. I am totally excited about this project. Can’t wait! and wish I could help!!!


  4. Good Luck on this project. I can’t even remember what day of the week it is so I’d totally suck at this nostalgia thing , but I know you’ll get it all figured out in a flash and great idea to include the boys in your investigative work. It’ll be so great to have when it’s all done.


  5. You can do it! Sounds funner than a losing weight goal.


  6. WOW. That is a great project that will be apprecaited. I wish I was better at keeping up with stuff like this. I have roles of film from when Adler and Halston were new babies and they are still in my drawer un developed. I am worried that they are getting old and ruined but without the $ it will have to wait.


  7. Great idea Dave!


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