~ Before and After #1 ~


Here are a few updates.
Improvements? You be the judge.
More B & A’s coming soon.

Alternate titles for this blog: “Before OR After, take your pick!” ~ “Can’t be perfect all the time!” ~ “Summertime Fun in Oly!”


5 responses to this post.

  1. I love this blog. I am so ‘before and after’ and just love seeing all of the fun pics. fun stuff auntie!


  2. I love “before and after” pics too! So much fun, thanks Auntie!


  3. I am lovin’ your new short do’ Auntie, I think we should just start calling you ‘M’ now. Love all of the pictures, so fun!


  4. Thanks Heather. Yep, me and Judi Dench, twiners, except for the bank accounts.


  5. I love the post the b & a’s are great. I love the pictures. I love your sense of humor. I would love to see the haircut and eyebrows in person.


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